Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My summer skin care routine

 Summer Skin Care Routine 
a snap shot

I really love trying new skin care products, and I am always trying to improve my skin. Since having really bad acne I had to do some major rehab on my skin for the past few years. I've come to realize there is no magic product, but I also know that improvement comes with time and consistency. Enough about that here are the products that I have used during this summer enjoy!

Dior capture totale, Clarins Ultra Matte, Garnier moisture rescue, Nu Celle eye cream, Boscia primer, Kinerase photo facials night moisturizer. 

Dior serum: I was always nervous about trying a serum, but this came as a GWP and I thought I should give it a try. Most people think if they have oily skin they don't need a moisturizer, but that is not true. There are many product lines out there that do make serums and moisturizers for people with combo/oily skin that work great. The Dior product was very nice, it was very light and absorbed very fast and I had no breakouts with this at all. 

Clarins: I bought this to control oil after I put on my serum and eye cream, I was less than thrilled about this product. I would have to say it only gave me an extra hour of being oil free, and this is out of 3 hours. This product was not worth the $40 it cost. I think this might work on people with combination skin, but not for oily. 

Nu Celle Eye Cream: I really like this eye cream I have had two of these tubes so far, and there isn't anything bad about them. I don't notice any real difference in my eye area, but it does moisturize that area very well. I would recommend this product to people with dry skin around the eyes. This also did not leave my eyes greasy or irritated. 

Boscia Primer: This is a great primer that I like to use for everyday priming, since it is very natural on the skin with no irritants for me.  It does help my makeup last during the day nicely. 

Kinerase PhotoFacials: I like this for a night time facial lotion, it isn't too heavy, and I never had a breakout with this formula. I'm not sure how effective this is though, but it isn't a full size product either. Maybe if I had used it longer I might of seen better results in getting rid of sun-damage. 

Clarins eye make-up remover, OBAGI Cleanser, Kinerase exfoliating cleanser, Garnier expert exfoliator

Clarins eye make-up remover: Get product for removing eye make-up in just a few swipes. I never had any irritation or breakouts with this product, and it isn't too oily either. 

OBAGI: I loved this cleanser for taking off everything from my face very nicely. It had a tingly feeling to it when washing, but I really enjoyed this. I thought it gave my skin a nice glow, and cleared my face up nicely when needed. 

Kinerase: I did not use this everyday, but I did use this about three times a week until I ran out. I did like this product a lot for the exfoliating factor, but I would only consider this an exfoliator for the surface. This will not get rid of sun-damage at all, but will get the exfoliating job done. 

Garnier expert exfoliator: This is a great budget exfoliator to use, and is gentle enough to use everyday. Even though I did not use this everyday I did use this most days. It has a great scent to it that really wakes your face up in the morning. Also there is a tingly feeling when using it, but it was not too harsh for me. 

Another site I love to get my skincare products is at Skincarerx they always send great samples with their packages...and I LOVE samples!!! 

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