Monday, November 19, 2012

FOTD: Fall in Love with GREEN

Add Some Green to Your Eyes!
 Wanted to do a soft green shadow look for everyday wear. 
Products Used:
Eyeshadows used were all from the Elf palette I got a while back in my Elf Haul Post
Eye Liner: Brown pencil liner by Sephora Brand 
Mascara: From Lancome in Back

Face Products Used:
Estee Lauder Double Wear in Ecru
Hard Candy Concealer 
RCMA setting powder
Blush, Contour and Highlighter all from the Elf Palette
Lips: Mac Shy Girl with nude gloss over that

Colors Used on my eyes from the Elf Palette! I have found soo many looks using this palette, and for such a great deal I would recommend putting this on your Christmas list!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little Bit of Me

  • How long have you been blogging?I have been blogging consistently for about 2 months, although I have had my blog for over a year only posted a few posts then I forgot about it. This time around I can truly say I have begun blogging!
  • What/who inspired you to start blogging? I would say all the beauty bloggers out there that I frequently visit, I would always look at their blog and be like wow I should do this! Then one day I really got serious about it and started blogging. I think if I hadn't seen someone else doing it I would never do it myself, and it makes you feel good to know that anyone can create a blog, but you have to really want to do it to keep it going. 
  • Did you tell your family and friends about your blog? If so, what was their reaction? Are they supportive or "in the dark" about your blogging? I didn't tell everyone, but they soon figured it out, and they are supportive. I don't think they all get the concept though, which is alright. 
  • What goals or dreams did your have for your blog when you started? Have you accomplished them? I would say that at the beginning I did not understand blogging much at all, it wasn't until my second attempt.  I knew how to finally get in the groove of blogging. I feel that I am just beginning, and just starting to get my stuff out there. I hope by this time next year my following will be much greater, and my blog itself will be much better! 
  • If you could give your beginner-blogger-self one tip of advice, what would it be? I would say to stick to your mini goals, and to be consistent with all that you do. 
  • What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being a blogger? Knowing that there is a negative comment out there just waiting around the corner, and I really do not look forward to that moment. 
  • What does your blog name mean? How did you decide on it? I love my blog name, and it had to have venus in it which we all know represents love and beauty. Having that in my name was key and I knew I had to find something catchy to go along with it, and a blog is like an oasis to whatever your reading about. That's how I came up with Vivacious Venus Beauty Blog Oasis!