Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holiday Shopping and Deals!

Holiday Deals!
Never too early to start shopping for the holiday season!
I have put some popular brands and some not to popular brands to check out on here, so you just might want to try something new!

100 Percent Pure
A gift for someone who loves all natural products!

Too Faced Cosmetics
Too Faced has some great holiday collections...can't wait to get my hands on those!

MyChelle Dermaceuticals
No a very known brand, but I love this line also all natural with some great products!

Murad Skin Care

Love the gift with purchase!

Great Selection to chose from at this site!

Better snatch this deal up!

Great gifts for someone on a budget!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ebay Lashes Hit or Miss?

Ebay Lashes

Here are a few looks with me wearing different kinds of lashes that can be purchased on Ebay, just go to the beauty section and search lashes. There should be some that sell 10 pair boxes!

The more natural looking lash, I like these for everyday looks.

I have two different kinds of lashes here, even though it is barely noticeable. These are pretty dramatic lashes on me, but I like to cut them in half and use them as corner lashes. 

Final Thoughts:
I really enjoy these lashes for only about 2-5 dollars for 10 pairs! Can't beat that price. There are some cons though, like the fact you must trim these up before applying. Also they need to be shaped a bit before putting on. Other then that they are good for people who are just starting to wear lashes, and need some practice. With this price for soooo many, if you mess up it really isn't a big deal! Another thing to remind people, there is usually a long wait for shipping since they do come from be very patient. 

A great buy for the everyday lash wearer! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

E.L.F Haul!

E.L.F Haul

I couldn't pass up this deal when I got the email about it, $3.50 for the 83 piece essential makeup collection! Wow what a deal, I had been wanting to try one of their kits for awhile so why not! I ordered a little bit of everything as you can see. I will be doing a FOTD look using mostly E.L.F product very soon, and reviewing some there product as well.
I got a few their face brushes, because I really liked their flat top one a lot! I have also heard positive things about their other brushes and you can't beat $3 dollars each!!!

I'm really excited to try both of these products out, I hope they work pretty good as dupes for my expensive products that I like to use. I will be testing these two out very soon!

I'm always on the look out for a great brow product, and this looked SUPER good and I had to buy it, also it's only $3! The HD Blush also very cool, and I got another one a week later in HOT PINK...stay tuned to see swatches on a upcoming post.

Finally the big one! I have used this a few times already and I love everything BUT the lipsticks/glosses, but you can't complain since I only had to pay $3.50 for this thing! The color pay off is very good for price, the shadows a little powdery, but besides that pretty darn good! Love the blushes, bronzers, contour and highlight colors. All around a great buy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Look - Red Lips Are In

Different shades of the first image I'm                   Burnt Red or Brick Red is another great red 
wearing a Reddish Orange Lipstick from MAC                shade to try this Fall/Winter. I'm wearing hear
Morange Lipstick                                                                                NYX Very Berry Lipstick


My Favorite Reddish Pink Lipstick Kid Kat                             A girl should always have a true red, this
by MAC                                                                                    one is the Sephora The Red 04 - Classic 
                                                                                                                                                 Bright Red

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Purple & Gold FOTD

- Elf eye primer
- MAC Mystical Mist on lid and lower lid
- Ben Nye Pigment Amethyst over that 
- Mac Amber Lights Crease
- Darling Girl shadow in Champagne on brow bone and inner eye 
- NYC Liquid Liner on top lash line
- Maybelline Mascara 
- Elf Brow kit in medium

-Lancome Tient Idole 24HR
-Hard Candy Glamoflague for concealer
-RCMA setting powder
-Elf Contour in St. Lucia 
-Gold Shimmer for Highlighting 
-Elf Blush in Tickled Pink

Lancome Lipstick Rendez-Vous 
Lancome juicy tube - Touched By Light

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lancome Goodies!

Lancome Goodies

I was shopping online at Macy's for a new foundation, and there was a GWP going on for Lancome. I was really excited, because one of the foundations I was interested in was the Tient Idole Ultra 24Hr! I have seen great reviews on this foundation, and I just couldn't pass this deal up so I added it to my bag. I did also add a few other things, but I will save them for a different post :).

Eye Shadows! I really was happy with the choice of colors from this collection, they work really nicely together and have great color pay off. I will be doing a FOTD with LancĂ´me Color Design Eye Brightening eyeshadows very soon, so you can see how great they look on too! They have a very smooth texture and blend very nicely together, I don't have to use a primer to get good color pay-off either which is a plus. 


Lipstick: I usually never like the color of lipstick that comes with gifts like these, but I was pleasantly surprised with this nude color. It is a little on the brown side for me, but I just put a frost lipgloss over it to brighten it up. It is very moisturizing and lasts a good 4-6 if your not doing any eating or drinking. I would say it is more of an opaque matte/satin color, so make sure you do have moisturized lips sometimes it can enhance chapped lips.

Mascara: I have not used this yet, but I will being using the Definicils mascara for the FOTD when I use the eyeshadow colors, and then we can see how this looks actually on my lashes. I have always heard great things about their mascaras. I am expecting it to work very well, but we will see!

Teint Idole Ultra 24H: I really enjoyed this foundation, I tested it out before I bought it to make sure I really wanted it in my collection of foundations. It is a keeper! It does last a very long time on the skin I would say a good 8 hours with little powder and longer with powder touch-ups for my oily skin. I have never found a foundation where I haven't had to powder my face after 6-8 hours this is no exception. Someone who has normal skin will do great with this,because you might not have to touch-up at all! I bought the 3rd lightest color in the collection. It is a neutral tone even though it looks more yellow in the picture it isn't that yellow at all. The foundation will not leave your face ultra matte, but it leaves a satin finish. They have a HUGE range of color options, and I would recommend having the people at the counter match you at the store. Unless you know what colors you usually fall within like I do I wouldn't try and guess your color. The coverage is medium and can be layered to full-coverage, I was told it was full-coverage, but it isn't unless you take time to layer the product. I don't have a lot of time for that most days, so I do use some concealer for a fast cover-up. When I do have time to layer this on, I does layer nicely and leaves my skin looking very smooth with out going into my pores!

Overall Thoughts: I think this is a top pick foundation for me, since it isn't a matte finish I will be using in colder months when my skin is a little on the dry side which mean just regular oily skin not extremely oily skin hehehe. The price is a little high for me being $44, but I got it with a GWP, and it balanced it out a little for me. I would recommend this for anyone who likes a long wearing foundation with good coverage. I also didn't notice any new pimples from this, and for my skin it was a safe choice. It also feels very nice on the skin and doesn't look like a mask. I hope you enjoyed this review! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

SkinCeuticals- UV Defense

Favorite Sunscreen!!!

Don't mind the mess hehe....but I had to post this product! This is the best SPF lotion I have ever used on my skin by SkinCeuticals: Physical Fushion UV Defense and let me tell you that this stuff is not your usual SPF Lotion from the past.

I noticed this feels very light on the skin, which I love. When applying it all over it does even my skin tone out with a slight tint of color. This is also good for any skin color, and you can wear it during photo shoots or any kind of photo session you may have planned. 

This is not supposed to break you out or at least it says it won't. I on the other hand DID NOT have any problems experiencing any irritations in that area with my skin. It has no parabens,chemicals and is WATER/SWEAT RESISTANT!

Here is a swatch I did so you can see the flesh tone in the product. This will not leave your skin greasy, but if you do have dry skin I would pair this with a moisturizer for extra hydration. I will apply extra moisturizer to any dry areas I might have. My makeup also does very well with this product I haven't noticed anything unpleasant with the application with this underneath. 

Anyone who is looking for a product with very high SPF and wants something light and very wearable I would try this out. I have to wear high SPF on my face everyday, and this is my favorite lotion so far that I have tried. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mario Badescu Review

Mario Badescu

I received some samples in mail from Mario Badescu to try and test to see if I'd like them on my skin. The other products are other items I got in the mail to help my hair and skin, and you know the dreaded Flu Season!

On to the products I will be reviewing............
I have pictured here the Strawberry facial scrub, flower & Tonic Mask, Oil Free moisturizer Spf 17 and Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream.
Here is a close-up of the Strawberry Scrub, I really liked this product, but it was a little too gentle for my skin type. There was actually strawberry seeds in the scrub and it smelled just like fresh strawberries... a great plus for me! It would be great for people with sensitive skin and normal to dry if you need the extra exfolation. But for my oily skin it was only ok, and I don't think I would buy this scrub from their line. But they do have sooo many options for every skin type online, and I would like to try something better suited for my skin.
The next product was the Mask, and this product was a hit for me personally. It smelled really fresh and soft nothing too overwhelming. I used it after I washed my face about 2 times a week and it lasted about 3 weeks for me. I then applied it all over my face and left it on for about 20 mins, I then removed with warm water. I had a fresh face after washing it away, and I could tell my pores were a bit tighter. I liked this mask because there was no burning when I applied it, and I tend to have sensitive skin just after washing my face. I think this is great for all skin types and if you have larger pores. Here is a picture of me with it on SCARY! 


On to the Eye Cream and Facial Lotion, which were pretty nice all around. The eye cream did not irritate my eyes at all and left them very dewy, which I liked a lot since that area actually gets dry on me who knew! There was no strong smell just a very light scent. The Facial lotion wasn't too heavy and was oil free, and that is always a must for my face. I liked the fact that it left my face dewy but not shiny while moisturizing all the spots I needed it too and leaving the rest not overly moisturized. 

I would say this will work for all skin types, and they did not make me break out at all, and I was a little worried about that happening. I was pleasantly surprsied of the quality of this skincare line, and I look forward to trying more!

Here is a close up of the products I discussed 

When I do get the chance to order some of Mario Badescu Products I will most likely order their line for oily skin to acne prone. I have seen a lot of other products that I really want to try and I can't wait to get my hands on them! Also anyone can get samples on their website, and they sent me ones for "all skin types" which is the reason why some of them weren't the best fit for me. I highly recommend this skin care line, because of all the options they give you on their site, and they literally have something for everyone!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming Post Stay Tuned!!

Coming Up In October....
Plus More!

Lancome Goodies

Skinceuticles- UV Defense

Mario Badescu Review

Purple & Gold FOTD

Ebay Lashes Hit or Miss?

Fall Look - Red Lips Are In 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

40 Carrots

New Serum!

I was in TJ Maxx and I always check out their skin care section, because I never know when something really great might be there. I wanted to get a new serum to try, and after reading the box on 40 carrots Vitamin Serum this seemed like a safe choice for my acne-prone oily skin type.

The Verdict-  I will start with the lovely smell of citrus sweetness, and it doesn't bother my skin! The smell is not to overwhelming, also this product has a great texture being a liquid gel formula. I loved how this worked for my skin, since I wasn't left with an oil slick at all! It absorbed right away once I rubbed it all over my face, and it dried super fast. I then apply my moisturizer right away, because it does leave my skin tight afterwards. For me this is okay because it tightens my pores which for oily skin is a plus! I think this could work for skin types Normal-Combo-Oily. I'm unsure about it working for people with dry skin since I do feel a tightening effect. 

Overall Thoughts: This was a great buy for me and I would repurchase again. I think I love the fact that it gave my skin no bad side effects, and I just really love the smell. I do notice my skin does look more even and luminous when I use this product which is why I bought it.