Friday, October 12, 2012

Lancome Goodies!

Lancome Goodies

I was shopping online at Macy's for a new foundation, and there was a GWP going on for Lancome. I was really excited, because one of the foundations I was interested in was the Tient Idole Ultra 24Hr! I have seen great reviews on this foundation, and I just couldn't pass this deal up so I added it to my bag. I did also add a few other things, but I will save them for a different post :).

Eye Shadows! I really was happy with the choice of colors from this collection, they work really nicely together and have great color pay off. I will be doing a FOTD with LancĂ´me Color Design Eye Brightening eyeshadows very soon, so you can see how great they look on too! They have a very smooth texture and blend very nicely together, I don't have to use a primer to get good color pay-off either which is a plus. 


Lipstick: I usually never like the color of lipstick that comes with gifts like these, but I was pleasantly surprised with this nude color. It is a little on the brown side for me, but I just put a frost lipgloss over it to brighten it up. It is very moisturizing and lasts a good 4-6 if your not doing any eating or drinking. I would say it is more of an opaque matte/satin color, so make sure you do have moisturized lips sometimes it can enhance chapped lips.

Mascara: I have not used this yet, but I will being using the Definicils mascara for the FOTD when I use the eyeshadow colors, and then we can see how this looks actually on my lashes. I have always heard great things about their mascaras. I am expecting it to work very well, but we will see!

Teint Idole Ultra 24H: I really enjoyed this foundation, I tested it out before I bought it to make sure I really wanted it in my collection of foundations. It is a keeper! It does last a very long time on the skin I would say a good 8 hours with little powder and longer with powder touch-ups for my oily skin. I have never found a foundation where I haven't had to powder my face after 6-8 hours this is no exception. Someone who has normal skin will do great with this,because you might not have to touch-up at all! I bought the 3rd lightest color in the collection. It is a neutral tone even though it looks more yellow in the picture it isn't that yellow at all. The foundation will not leave your face ultra matte, but it leaves a satin finish. They have a HUGE range of color options, and I would recommend having the people at the counter match you at the store. Unless you know what colors you usually fall within like I do I wouldn't try and guess your color. The coverage is medium and can be layered to full-coverage, I was told it was full-coverage, but it isn't unless you take time to layer the product. I don't have a lot of time for that most days, so I do use some concealer for a fast cover-up. When I do have time to layer this on, I does layer nicely and leaves my skin looking very smooth with out going into my pores!

Overall Thoughts: I think this is a top pick foundation for me, since it isn't a matte finish I will be using in colder months when my skin is a little on the dry side which mean just regular oily skin not extremely oily skin hehehe. The price is a little high for me being $44, but I got it with a GWP, and it balanced it out a little for me. I would recommend this for anyone who likes a long wearing foundation with good coverage. I also didn't notice any new pimples from this, and for my skin it was a safe choice. It also feels very nice on the skin and doesn't look like a mask. I hope you enjoyed this review! 


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