Tuesday, October 2, 2012

40 Carrots

New Serum!

I was in TJ Maxx and I always check out their skin care section, because I never know when something really great might be there. I wanted to get a new serum to try, and after reading the box on 40 carrots Vitamin Serum this seemed like a safe choice for my acne-prone oily skin type.

The Verdict-  I will start with the lovely smell of citrus sweetness, and it doesn't bother my skin! The smell is not to overwhelming, also this product has a great texture being a liquid gel formula. I loved how this worked for my skin, since I wasn't left with an oil slick at all! It absorbed right away once I rubbed it all over my face, and it dried super fast. I then apply my moisturizer right away, because it does leave my skin tight afterwards. For me this is okay because it tightens my pores which for oily skin is a plus! I think this could work for skin types Normal-Combo-Oily. I'm unsure about it working for people with dry skin since I do feel a tightening effect. 

Overall Thoughts: This was a great buy for me and I would repurchase again. I think I love the fact that it gave my skin no bad side effects, and I just really love the smell. I do notice my skin does look more even and luminous when I use this product which is why I bought it. 


  1. This sounds great but the carrot name would put me off.. in case it turned my skin orange haha! I found you through the blog hop :)

    1. Oh that's great! It won' turn your skin orange trust me! It will give it a nice glow because of the Vitamin C and Retinol, which is why I like it soo much!