Thursday, October 11, 2012

SkinCeuticals- UV Defense

Favorite Sunscreen!!!

Don't mind the mess hehe....but I had to post this product! This is the best SPF lotion I have ever used on my skin by SkinCeuticals: Physical Fushion UV Defense and let me tell you that this stuff is not your usual SPF Lotion from the past.

I noticed this feels very light on the skin, which I love. When applying it all over it does even my skin tone out with a slight tint of color. This is also good for any skin color, and you can wear it during photo shoots or any kind of photo session you may have planned. 

This is not supposed to break you out or at least it says it won't. I on the other hand DID NOT have any problems experiencing any irritations in that area with my skin. It has no parabens,chemicals and is WATER/SWEAT RESISTANT!

Here is a swatch I did so you can see the flesh tone in the product. This will not leave your skin greasy, but if you do have dry skin I would pair this with a moisturizer for extra hydration. I will apply extra moisturizer to any dry areas I might have. My makeup also does very well with this product I haven't noticed anything unpleasant with the application with this underneath. 

Anyone who is looking for a product with very high SPF and wants something light and very wearable I would try this out. I have to wear high SPF on my face everyday, and this is my favorite lotion so far that I have tried. 

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