Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seriously Shine Free

I am always looking for a new product to control my oily face, and I was out one day and noticed this new product from Formula 10.0.6 at Ulta. I was curious to see what it was about so I purchased this product to give it a try. 

Description from company
  "Formula 10.0.6 seriously shine free mattifying oil free moisturizer aloe vera + bamboo this matte-finish moisturizer keeps skin smooth and shine free all day. Aloe vera softens skin while bamboo extract absorbs oil to maintain a balanced complexion. Oil free formula ensures clog-free pores."

-Formula 10.0.6

My Thoughts
I have been using this product  for about 2 months, and I still have about half of the tube left. This product will last someone a good 4-6 months if used consistently. The product had a nice consistency to it, and did not irritate my skin at all, also the scent was not great. I used it with an spf facial lotion and they both seemed to work fine together, since it does not contain spf at all. 
The real question is did it get rid of my shine...well I would say no unfortunately. Although I like this as an moisturizer this did nothing to control oil, and I would say it just was a nice moisturizer. This lotion didn't leave my skin matte, but almost dewy. I think anyone with acne-prone skin could use this as a great moisturizer and only for those purposes. I will continue to use the rest of the tube though, and I will still be on the look out for my Holy Grail oil control product. 

This line also carries a whole range of products for a variety of skin types, and I am interested in trying some of their other products to see if they work better compared to this one.

Have you tried Formula 10.0.6, and what are you favorite oil control products?

I would love to know and try some of your suggestions, since I am still on my quest!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Long Lasting Products Pick-up

Long Lasting Products
I recently purchased some products that I have had my eyes on for sometime, and I wanted to put them to the test.
The products I picked up were: 


                   Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks In:

Stellar Sunrise

Ultimate Orchid

I have seen mixed reviews on these products, but if properly used I would say they are pretty great products for long lasting lipsticks. I have worn both of them on many occasions, and I have found that they last a good 8 hours. They also can be layered to give more of a opaque look, but don't layer them more then three coats or it will become caked. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't want to worry about applying their lipstick or lipgloss all day. 

The Next product that claimed to be long-lasting was the 

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in Treasure Hunt 

I would say this is a very nice gloss, and I loved the color that it gave. Although the staying power was not there at all, and I would give it a wear time of maybe 1-2 hours like most glosses. I would buy this for the color selections, because they had very pretty shades to choose from. Instead of wearing this for a long-lasting gloss I put this over the revlon lipstick to give my lips a shine. 

Here are the swatches: Revlon: Stellar Sunrise, Revlon Ultimate Orchid, and Rimmel Treasure Hunt

Here are the swatches: Revlon: Stellar Sunrise, Revlon Ultimate Orchid, and Rimmel Treasure Hunt

Now on to the eyeshadow I have seen tons of reviews on this product and I could not resist it anymore. I decided I was going get one for myself. I wanted to get a color that would work for most looks that I usually wear, and a color that would look great on its own. 
I couldn't find a link to get this color, but there are lots of colors to choose from!

My verdict on this product is that I absolutely loved it, and I have been using this on most days. It is great for layering pressed shadows on top to give a more intense look. Also it lasts great on its own, and used as a highlight on the brow bone. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants something very easy to work with. I used my finger to apply this all over my lid, and I used a blending brush that is the MAC 217, but any blending brush is great too. 

Maybelline Barely Beige

Maybelline Barely Beige

Maybelline Barely Beige

I was really happy with most of the products I got, and I am excited to pick up a few more colors to go with the ones I have. 

What are you favorite Long Lasting products?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty Deals!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Hair Color!!!

On to the lighter side of things

I decided that I wanted to lighten my hair up a bit, and I did so with two products that really surprised me with great results. 
The first product I started using for about 2 weeks was the 
John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray. I wasn't sure at first about this product, but I really wanted to try it out. I would say it lightened my hair very nicely and blended my mousey dark blonde hair with my old highlights. I would say people with darker hair should not use this, because it might turn your hair orange, and nobody wants that!

After about 3 weeks I decided I wanted lighten my hair all over instead of on top like I did with the Go Blonder spary. I opted for the L'Oreal box color in shade 8G Golden Blonde. I only did my roots about 2 inches down and the bottom layer of my hair to give it a golden tint. I really liked how soft it came out, and I thought it was very natural looking. 

What are some of your favorite box colors?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maybe it's Maybelline

Great Lash by Maybelline

I was excited to try a new mascara GREAT LASH, and I picked this one up to see if it lived up to its name. 
The brush is medium sized which I like, because I find some of the large brushes are harder to control when applying to the lower lashes. 

My mother used to always use the original hot pink and green tube when I was growing up, and I guess when I think of mascara these colors always come to mind. But since then the formula has changed...for the better. 

After using this product for a few days, I decided that I really liked it. It didn't clump or flake off on me even after wearing it for over 8 hours. 
My lashes weren't over the top with this product, but if I wanted to layer I can achieve a decently volumized lash look. 
I would rate this product great for everyday lashes, but I would want something a bit more dramatic for any social event I might be going to. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FOTD: Romantic Date Night

Here is a romantic look that is great for date nights!

Products used: 
 Foundation: Derma blend Smooth Indulgence
Concealer: Hard Candy glamourflauge 
Powder: Derma blend loose powder
Cheeks, Eyes and Brows: Sephora blockbuster palette 
any light/medium cool pink tone blush will do and a 
highlighter for the nose and upper cheek bones.
Liner: I used a Korres grey pencil liner for a softer look, any grey
 liner will do or matte dark grey shadow work as well. 
Lips: Any sheer cool-toned pink gloss 

 Another shot looking at the eyeshadow

I used these colors for the eyes in the Sephora Blockbuster palette, if you have similar colors they will work great too. I used the purple tones not the green tones in this photo! 

Enjoy this look...there is more to come!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Options for getting that glow or bronzed look!

A few Items that I like to have around are some shimmers and bronzers to give me that glow I might need to give my face that finishing touch I might be missing. 

The Drug Store options: My picks for drug store options would be the physicians fomlua shimmer bricks, and they are like Dupes of Bobbi Browns shimmer bricks. They give a great bronzed look when you want that summer glow, and they have great color pay off. The pink one is great for a pinky glow that I like to have on the apples of my cheeks, and I also like to brush this over a matte blush for more deminsion. You can also use the lighter colors for a highlighter on the face along with using some of the colors as eyeshadows. These little compacts come with sooo many options it's almost a must have product. 

Department Store Option: I really like this MAC blush I have in Peach twist this can be used as a bronzer or a blush depending on your skintone. I really like this color when I have a tan , and it gives me the warmth I need on my face. It is not a matte blush and does have some shimmer and sparkle to it so I would have a light touch when applying. 

To find these physicians formula bronzer here you can get it online at  
For the MAC product this can be purchased Macys  and Nordstrom  

What are your favorite Drug Store and Name Brand Bronzers?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dollar Store Find!

Dollar Store Finds!

I like to go to the Dollar Store every now and then, and there is a good reason may find few hidden treasures. 
On my trip I found a few L'Oreal lip glosses, and they might not be the best lip glosses but I find they are somewhere in the middle. For a buck you can't really say no can you? 
My thoughts on these were that the Honey Pop and Pop Syrup gave lots of color pay off which was really nice. 
The down side was that they are a bit thick and sticky, which means they will also last a lot longer on your lips and that is a plus for me. 
The other two are more sheer and a little gritty, but overall alright. 

Have you ever found some hidden gems at the Dollar Store? If you have were they a hit or miss?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My summer skin care routine

 Summer Skin Care Routine 
a snap shot

I really love trying new skin care products, and I am always trying to improve my skin. Since having really bad acne I had to do some major rehab on my skin for the past few years. I've come to realize there is no magic product, but I also know that improvement comes with time and consistency. Enough about that here are the products that I have used during this summer enjoy!

Dior capture totale, Clarins Ultra Matte, Garnier moisture rescue, Nu Celle eye cream, Boscia primer, Kinerase photo facials night moisturizer. 

Dior serum: I was always nervous about trying a serum, but this came as a GWP and I thought I should give it a try. Most people think if they have oily skin they don't need a moisturizer, but that is not true. There are many product lines out there that do make serums and moisturizers for people with combo/oily skin that work great. The Dior product was very nice, it was very light and absorbed very fast and I had no breakouts with this at all. 

Clarins: I bought this to control oil after I put on my serum and eye cream, I was less than thrilled about this product. I would have to say it only gave me an extra hour of being oil free, and this is out of 3 hours. This product was not worth the $40 it cost. I think this might work on people with combination skin, but not for oily. 

Nu Celle Eye Cream: I really like this eye cream I have had two of these tubes so far, and there isn't anything bad about them. I don't notice any real difference in my eye area, but it does moisturize that area very well. I would recommend this product to people with dry skin around the eyes. This also did not leave my eyes greasy or irritated. 

Boscia Primer: This is a great primer that I like to use for everyday priming, since it is very natural on the skin with no irritants for me.  It does help my makeup last during the day nicely. 

Kinerase PhotoFacials: I like this for a night time facial lotion, it isn't too heavy, and I never had a breakout with this formula. I'm not sure how effective this is though, but it isn't a full size product either. Maybe if I had used it longer I might of seen better results in getting rid of sun-damage. 

Clarins eye make-up remover, OBAGI Cleanser, Kinerase exfoliating cleanser, Garnier expert exfoliator

Clarins eye make-up remover: Get product for removing eye make-up in just a few swipes. I never had any irritation or breakouts with this product, and it isn't too oily either. 

OBAGI: I loved this cleanser for taking off everything from my face very nicely. It had a tingly feeling to it when washing, but I really enjoyed this. I thought it gave my skin a nice glow, and cleared my face up nicely when needed. 

Kinerase: I did not use this everyday, but I did use this about three times a week until I ran out. I did like this product a lot for the exfoliating factor, but I would only consider this an exfoliator for the surface. This will not get rid of sun-damage at all, but will get the exfoliating job done. 

Garnier expert exfoliator: This is a great budget exfoliator to use, and is gentle enough to use everyday. Even though I did not use this everyday I did use this most days. It has a great scent to it that really wakes your face up in the morning. Also there is a tingly feeling when using it, but it was not too harsh for me. 

Another site I love to get my skincare products is at Skincarerx they always send great samples with their packages...and I LOVE samples!!! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Moisture

Garnier Moisture Rescue

I bought this product at Rite Aid when they were offering a BOGO on the Garnier skin care line, and I thought this would be a good time to try out some of their products. I ended up buying this product along with their exfoliating cleanser, and to my surprise I really enjoyed both of them. This face lotion does contain SPF 15 which is great for me during the summer, because I do spend a lot of time outside. I have combination/oily skin, and I noticed that I have no problem wearing this because it is very light on the skin. I would recommend this to people with normal/combo/oily skin types. A few of my friends have also used this product, and they all love it for the summer time and all have slightly different skin types. It will not leave your skin oily or super dewy, but somewhere in the middle. I also had no bad reactions to this product, but if you are very sensitive to scents this may not be for you, but it does smell very lovely! 

P.S. Have you tried this product before? And if you have what did you think about it? Also what is your favorite product from the Garnier skin care line? I would love to know, since I am looking to try a few more products from them soon!

Long happens


I'm back, and I know it has almost been a year since my last post. This is my fault I didn't manage my time, and this was the first thing to go in my routine. I have been a very busy woman since my last post, and let me update you a little. I have since graduated from college! YES! Moved with my fiance to South Carolina from Washington State, and I am now attending graduate school. There is a lot going on, but I am determined to make this work. I do have posts that I have done during the year, and I will be blogging about. This will make things a little better for the consistency factor. My goal is to do two posts a month, and I know this is a very low number but be patient, because I want to work up to more when I have a better idea of my set daily schedules.

Just a little update along with more to come...including my adventures while I was away!!