Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dollar Store Find!

Dollar Store Finds!

I like to go to the Dollar Store every now and then, and there is a good reason may find few hidden treasures. 
On my trip I found a few L'Oreal lip glosses, and they might not be the best lip glosses but I find they are somewhere in the middle. For a buck you can't really say no can you? 
My thoughts on these were that the Honey Pop and Pop Syrup gave lots of color pay off which was really nice. 
The down side was that they are a bit thick and sticky, which means they will also last a lot longer on your lips and that is a plus for me. 
The other two are more sheer and a little gritty, but overall alright. 

Have you ever found some hidden gems at the Dollar Store? If you have were they a hit or miss?

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