Thursday, September 20, 2012


Options for getting that glow or bronzed look!

A few Items that I like to have around are some shimmers and bronzers to give me that glow I might need to give my face that finishing touch I might be missing. 

The Drug Store options: My picks for drug store options would be the physicians fomlua shimmer bricks, and they are like Dupes of Bobbi Browns shimmer bricks. They give a great bronzed look when you want that summer glow, and they have great color pay off. The pink one is great for a pinky glow that I like to have on the apples of my cheeks, and I also like to brush this over a matte blush for more deminsion. You can also use the lighter colors for a highlighter on the face along with using some of the colors as eyeshadows. These little compacts come with sooo many options it's almost a must have product. 

Department Store Option: I really like this MAC blush I have in Peach twist this can be used as a bronzer or a blush depending on your skintone. I really like this color when I have a tan , and it gives me the warmth I need on my face. It is not a matte blush and does have some shimmer and sparkle to it so I would have a light touch when applying. 

To find these physicians formula bronzer here you can get it online at  
For the MAC product this can be purchased Macys  and Nordstrom  

What are your favorite Drug Store and Name Brand Bronzers?

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