Thursday, January 10, 2013

Double Matte Foundation Review

I really was interested in trying some of Estee Lauder's other foundations so I picked up the Double Matte foundation. I really wanted to see if it lived up to its name and give it a try.
Similar size to the Double Wear bottle, and with no pump top! I really wish they would put those on their products already.

I got the shade Cool Ivory it was the lightest shade that I saw on the Macys website, but I am not sure if they carry a larger range of this color inside stores.

I wanted to take a picture of the descriptions it came with to show what it says it does and compare it to what it actually did for me.

Here is a close up of the top of the bottle and the color of the shade, and I am not going to lie I was very nervous by this color. The color looked WAY tooo dark for my skins and it was the lightest shade!
Here it is on my hand and you can see that the color is a bit darker and a bit yellow next to my hand. I will have to say that I was very disappointed when I saw the color on my hand and I was tempted to return the product. 

When I blended it out the color did lighten up a little, but I decided I was going to give it a real try and wear it for a few days to give a complete verdict on what I thought about this foundation.

After applying this foundations the first time I realized it wasn't as dark when I blended it in, and set a lighter powder on top, but still not light enough for the winter season. I will wear this during the summer when I have my fake tan on lol. The foundation had a medium coverage like the box said, and can be layered nicely, I also found that it did not cling to any dry patches on my face. Also this did not feel drying, and had a satin like appearance once on my skin. 
The lasting factor was also a plus, I wore it all day and I only had to powder up once. It seemed to have stayed put until I removed it later on that night. I also feel that it didn't get cakey after I had to touch up a few oily areas which can happen with certain foundations. I wore the for a couple of days when I wouldn't be seeing too many people, and it didn't break me out at all! That is also a must for me, and my skin seemed to agree with the formulation. 
I am glad that I purchased this product, and I look forward to using this during the summer time when it will look a bit more natural with my coloring. 

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