Sunday, December 9, 2012

ART of EYES: Subtle Smokey Estee Lauder


Ordered this a few weeks ago, and I am very excited to use it! 

Here is a close up of the products it came with, and I have heard really good things about the eyeliner and that it lasts all day. I have also been wanting to try the concealer by the Double Wear line since it claims to cover skin very well. 

Loving the colors on this! All of them look like they will work together nicely, I have yet to try these colors, but I am excited to swatch them soon with a FOTD Look! 
The only negative thing that I would have to say is the size of this compact is fairly small which might be a problem with using them with some of my larger eyeshadow brushes...but we will see. 

The bag and the box it came in, I like the bag it's very cute and I will most likely use it in my purse for traveling purposes to keep my fav products with me. 

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